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Now Open: Kushikino Exposure Site
Posted date:  2013/01/28
Our Kushikino exposure site is now open. This new exposure site has some unique attributes.

【 Features of Kushikino Exposure Site 】
・Adjacent to the East China Sea, the exposure site's terrain experiences intense erosion
from sea salt aerosol.
・Kushikino is located on southernmost tip of Japan's mainland, which features consistent
high temperatures and humidity, along with an ample amount of UV.

For instance, you may take advantage of the waterfront for simulated metal corrosion testing,
or the general region for accelerated corrosion testing.

Our various notable exposure tests (carried out in our Kirishima and Sakurajima exposure sites),
coupled with our experienced, professional staff, provide our customers with a service that
meets our customers’ broad range of requirements.