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yVisitorsz"Future Resources Instituteh
Posted dateF  2013/04/04
On Tuesday, February 19, 2013, three researchers of the Korean private think tank
"Future Resources Institute" and "Noaa Solution" visited our office.

"Future Resources Institute" studies about "Damage prevention of the volcanic ashes and the
management strategy system development" for fear of the large-scale eruption of the Baekdu
Mountain(Hakutousan), which is on the border with People's Republic of China and North Korea.

On the other hand, a Kagoshimafs symbol Sakurajima has been erupting actively, and is a
world-famous active volcano.

It erupts explosively everyday (about 3 times/day), and it brings the ash fall to the surrounding areas.

We had a lively exchange of views about our "Exposure testing business utilizing Sakurajima"
and "Influences of the volcanic ash on companies and the damage cases.

We had a really meaningful time to discuss about the importance of fully preparing for ash fall in
daily life, how we get along with volcanoes well, and live together.