Our 5 Philosophies

  • 1.Cultivated high technology in the automobile development as the Toyota Group

    We have been active in a wide range of areas, from designing for auto body components to analyzing, testing and evaluations in automotive development as a member of the Toyota Group. We assist our customers through our technologies.

  • 2.Accelerated outdoor exposure testing taking advantage of Kagoshima's unique conditions

    Kagoshima has unique conditions, such as volcanic ash from Sakurajima. This ash fall is so prevalent, the local meteorological observatory even announces the ash fall forecast based on the wind direction above Sakurajima. We can provide exposure testing that takes advantage of such severe conditions.

  • 3.Outdoor exposure testing sites with unique features that can flexibly adapt to your needs

    To meet customer needs, we have three exposure testing sites with differing individual features and an observing station for weather data in Kagoshima. You will definitely be able to find an exposure site that suits your needs.

  • 4.Accurate evaluations in a short period in combination with accelerated weathering instruments

    We have a variety of accelerated weathering testing services. In addition to exposure testing, you can get obtain more accurate data when combining exposure testing with those services.

  • 5.Attentive management and evaluation by experienced professionals

    We effectively use our knowledge of automotive development in exposure testing. Since we have gathered together a group of experts from various fields, we can provide helpful proposals. Your inquiries are always welcome.

We will be happy to assist you.

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